STEP 0. Update a code in the UnlimitedHand

In this tutorial, we will unpdate an Arduino code in the UnlimitedHand to use the UnlimitedHand in the Unity Environment.

STEP 0-0. Install the UnlimitedHand Library for Arduino

If you haven't yet installed the UnlimitedHand library, please visit this page "Install the UnlimitedHand Library for Arduino"

STEP 0-1. Connect UnlimitedHand with USB cable

Connect the UnlimitedHand to your computer with an USB cable, and power on the device.

Plug the USB calbe into your computer and UnlimitedHand

STEP 0-2. Select a code "Serial_4Unity_4Processing"


STEP 0-3.Upload an arduino code to the UnlimitedHand

Specify the USB serial port from "Tools" -> "Port" (/dev/cu/usbserial-* on Mac, COM* on Windows)

Select "Arduino/Genuino Uno" from "Tools" -> "Board"

Click on the arrow button to upload the arduino code onto the UnlimitedHand.
The Arduino IDE will display "Uploading...", and UnlimitedHand will vibrate.

When upload is completed, Arduino IDE displays "Done uploading."

STEP 0-4.Check Arduino sketch

Click the magnifier button on upper-right corner of the Arduino IDE to launch the Serial Monitor.

Set the Baudrate to 115200 at the bottom-right corner dropdown list in the Serial Monitor Window.

Troubleshooting: Sketch upload failure

If you have trouble uploading the sketch, turn off the device by pressing and holding the power button.

Then turn on the device again.

You can try other sample codes by retrying from STEP 0-3.