Tutorial: Super Simple Sample Project!

In this tutorial, we will hack the Super Simple Sample Project.

STEP 1.1 Downloading the Arduino Library
STEP 1.2 Installing the Arduino Library
STEP 1.3 Start the Arduino IDE
STEP 1.4 Opening the Sample Code
STEP 1.5 Connecting UnlimitedHand to the Computer
STEP 1.6 Arduino Board and Port Settings
STEP 1.7 Uploading the Sketch

STEP 2.1 Downloading the Unity Library
STEP 2.2 Opening the Unity Project
STEP 2.3 Opening the Scene
STEP 2.4 Checking the UnlimitedHand object
STEP 2.5 Setting the serial connection
STEP 2.6 Starting the Sample

STEP 3.1 Calibration
STEP 3.2 Beginning the Game
STEP 3.3 Modulating Fire Threshold

[1] Prepare the Arduino IDE for UnlimitedHand Library

STEP 1. Download the UnlimitedHand Library for the Arduino IDE at http://dev.unlimitedhand.com > "+ Download UnlimitedHand Library ver.XXXX for Arduino"


Move the downloaded "UH" folder to your Desktop.

STEP 2. Install the Arduino Library

Move the "UH" folder to the following directory.
(My)Document > Arduino > libraries (Mac)
Documents¥My Documents¥Arduino¥Libraries (Windows)

STEP 3. Start or restart the Arduino IDE

STEP 4. At the Menu Bar, navigate to the Sample Code(Seria_Unity_Quaternion)

File > Examples > UH > Serial_Unity_Quaternion

STEP 5. Connect the UnlimitedHand to the Computer and turn on the device


STEP 6. At the Menu Bar, set up the board and port

Tools > Board > Arduino / Genuino Uno
Tools > Port > /dev.cu.usbserial-XXXXXXX (Mac)
Tools > Port > /COM X (Windows)

STEP 7. Upload the sketch


[2] Prepare the UnlimitedHand Project for Unity

STEP 1. Download the UnlimitedHand Plugin for Unity at http://dev.unlimitedhand.com > "+ Download Unity Plugin ver.XXXX"

Then, move it to your Desktop


STEP 2. Back up current Unity Project and open the Unity Project

STEP 3. Open the Scene in the Project

Example: Assets > GunShotSample

STEP 4. Check the UnlimitedHand object



STEP 5. Setting the serial connection

Connect the UnlimitedHand to your computer with an USB cable, and power on the device.

Select "Edit" -> "Project Setting" -> "Player"

Select "Inspector" -> "Other Settings" and locate the "Optimization" section.

Change the Api Compatiblity Level from ".NET 2.0 Subset" to ".NET 2.0"

STEP 6. Start the sample


[3] Play the sample

STEP 1. Please lower your arm and place them by your side during calibration


STEP 2. Raise your arm to begin the game


STEP 3. Hold down either key 'O' or 'P' to modulate Fire Threshold

!NOTIFICATION! In the SuperSimpleSample ver.002, Fire Threshold is modulated automatically.