Connecting UnlimitedHand to a Unity Project

In this tutorial, we will run through how a UH object is created in the Unity Environment.
The following link includes a download of a First Person Shooter Unity Kit.
(Details of the Kit itself can be found on the same site).

FPS Kit v.4

Once downloaded, open up the sample project to get started.

STEP 1. Select "Edit" -> "Project Setting" -> "Player"

Connect the UnlimitedHand to your computer with an USB cable, and power on the device.

STEP 2. Select "Inspector" -> "Other Settings" and locate the "Optimization" section.


STEP 3. Change the Api Compatiblity Level from ".NET 2.0 Subset" to ".NET 2.0"


* This is modified version of "FPS Kit 2" made by:
* You can download original version of kit here: