What are Hackable ports?

Hackable ports are ports that allow you to hack into the UnlimitedHand.

UnlimitedHand has a total of 2 Hackable ports.
With USB microB interface port being one of them,
we now introduce the other secret one, the ICSP port.
In fact, it has been kept a secret up till now.

What can you do with ICSP port?
There are 3 main uses for the ICSP port:
· SPI communication (connect with external hardware / devices)
· Expansion of input / output pins
· Boot-loading

CAUTION: Hacking through ICSP port may damage your device. Use it at your own risk.
In next section, we introduce tutorials for the ICSP port.

Hackable port Tutorial 01: Getting started with the hackable ICSP port
Hackable port Tutorial 02: Blinking LED